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An EVP Session with Paranormal Places!

Paranormal locations are  hard to find. You usually have to hunt them down through Google or Facebook groups, hoping they are welcoming investigators. And we all know most of these sites lack standard information such as pricing, minimum number of investigators, waiver documents and more.  As paranormal investigators and business professionals we know the importance of time management. A lot goes in to a proper investigation and we’d rather be ghost hunting than doing hours of research finding new places to investigate.  This is why paranormal places was conjured. Our mission is to create a place where property owners, caretakers and investigators can list, find and book your next paranormal investigation from one single location.

Meet the Team

Right now we are a small paranormal team with an ambition to make it easier for everyone to go on an investigation, find an event or support your local paranormal places by purchasing some merch from their stores (coming soon). As we delve deeper into the industry we hope that our efforts make it easier to find the evidence we all crave.